Suerte’s Story (Ahimsa)

To mark the one year anniversary date of when Suerte The Cat went missing, this is a story partially based, but very much inspired by, my life-changing time with her. ❤️


Reflections Of A Reformed Prisoner.

This interview looks at the reform of a man who was responsible for a violent crime. In the interview we hear the perpetrators side of the story and listen to a man who has come to understand not only the nature of his own violence, but that of the system that he entered into as a result. The same system that he assures he is now committed to working with to reform positively.

Vegan Chatter.

Are you a vegan? Do you judge all life as equal? Do you purport to not-judge others at the same time? Are these not judgements in themselves? In my latest article you will probably not find the answers to any of the above questions. You might, however, come to 'judge' yourself in a completely new light.