I Want Your Sun, Baby!

T.H.E S.U.N.

Marvel in its utter awesomeness! Until that is you develop a stage three melanoma on your eye-balls and you stop seeing much of anything.


After coming round from a spot of meditation.

When I speak of “The Sun” I am not referring to the newspaper that clearly derives its name from the acronym: “Scandals, Umpire and Nudity”. In fact what I am truthfully referring to is a flaming star that centres the universe and envelopes minds, hearts and souls with it’s warmth. A sort-of glowing warmth that gently caresses every one of a person’s trillions of epithelial cells. A warmth accompanied by a heat that penetrates as deeply as it does forcefully; often times acting as a masseuse, beautician and shrink all in-one! The heat of a warmer climate can literally take years off an over worked, stressed out, preoccupied – and by all intents and purposes – well meaning soul, who because of the “location lottery of life”doesn’t get to see much light through their perpetually grey and grisly skies.

Alas, there is a remedy for S.A.D (Sun Addicted Disorder) and that is to leave your miserable country in search of an equally, at times, cumbersome place to live. Albeit a much, much, warmer one. It is no secret that we Northern Europeans have (for the majority at least) been brought up to firmly believe that we can buy our problems away. 

You see when you decide to relocate to sun soaked shores and pavements lined with palm trees and beaches, what you are in fact doing is buying yourself a lifestyle; you are attempting a shot at buying yourself happiness. And there is nothing wrong with this. As long as it actually delivers what you are looking for that is. But my friends, the reality is that very rarely does it work to procure a stable supply of chemical regulation via a man-made (and in universally speaking terms) totally insignificant payment system. Why? Well why should it? Your perception is most definitely askew if you are looking at external means to fix internal wears and tears. 


We continue to do it though. Myself included. Only I was self-deceptive enough to say at the time that I moved away for the heat of another kind: para amor! Whilst most people go in search of “calour”, I went looking for “caliente”. Only unlike sunburn, which kindly continues to ‘cook you’ from the outside in long after the sun has set; my experiences left me fuming hot from the centre of my physical universe all the way out to my extremities.

So, what to do when you are safely re-located, only to feel that ones new world is closing on you inwardly? Perhaps a logical solution would be to close in on oneself? Through taking time to write this article, for example, I am connecting with my thoughts and my feelings in a kind way. I am closing the curtains gently, but firmly enough, to look deeper inside. I must only remember to open them again afterwards and let the warmth of a distant and centrally-placed star make some chemical reactions inside of my mind; the results of which should centre my being better than anything man made can.

In essence, when considering a life traveling towards the sun, please think carefully about your original geographical location on this planet. Nature really is more powerful than we give proper credit to. It is the environment first and our reaction to it later that can cause many people to question their lives – post move – in every conceivable way.

In more succinct words: if you are looking to wake up in paradise, wake up in yourself first.

As for those of us who “move away to make away, not move away coz they afraid” (thank you T.I.), we have in many instances unknowingly put in place a chain-reaction, a process of elimination, where only the fittest – or most adapting – survive. If you are reading these words and thinking to yourself “this doesn’t seem like my experience of living abroad!”. Consider yourself geographically and emotionally well-off. You are seriously acing the game of life, bro. 


Sickeningly idyllic.

Location really is key when deciding where to up-root and plant them back down again. Try not to make rash decisions, unless that is you can tick off any of the following from my “reasons not to give a sh*t where you live” list:


  • I am fully financially supported. I fully do not give a BEEP about where I live, as the every-day struggle need not apply here.
  • I am about to become fully financially supported. Thus very soon I will be in a position to not give a BEEP about such trivial things as the daily grind.
  • I am unstable in both mind and finances, but I know that upon leaving my wealthy country I will be fully financially supported in a poorer one.
  • I am an artist/musician/writer/dreamer/poser who craves the struggle outside of the ‘rules’ of society more than a disciplined daily routine and subsequent economic stability can bring. 
  • I am basically seeing out the rest of my days in what could essentially be deemed a very large and socially-active retirement home, most commonly located in a warm area by the sea. 
  • I am a naturally ridiculously naive person who relishes in challenges such as: learning a completely new language, often with grammatical structures and etymological differences far removed from my native language; I indulge in taking on the intricacies of a completely new socio-economic culture; I revel in immersing myself into an overwhelmingly foreign social and political infrastructure, one which will ultimately decide for the population (native or otherwise) how we live our lives at all levels; I rejoice in making everyday arduous tasks all that more difficult when trying to understand mobile phone charges, internet charges, taxation charges, Social Securidad charges and inconspicuous bank charges in a language, formed by a culture within a country that I really should have a better understanding of by now. 



In closing, my main advice to any future would-be relocating types out there is: be purposeful in your fearless pursuit of happiness and let your intuition guide you in your travels to new locations. Happiness may be a plane ride away for some, for others though, it can be found exactly where they are geographically placed right now.

Remember that to be “well-off” in all capacities and experiences is often a hard-earned luxury; but to be ‘home’ is priceless.


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