A Letter To My Cat.

This piece was originally written on September 15th 2016, three days before Suerte went missing in the city of Barcelona. 

suerte-1Dear Suerte,

One year ago tonight you slept in this make-shift bed in my bedroom for the first time. I had known you only a matter of hours and everything about you remained a mystery…your age, your sex and the circumstances behind why and how we met were secondary concerns.

Your visually ill health was my main priority. I remember that I couldn’t sleep well that night. I woke up in the early hours of the morning to see you with one eye open and the other one glued shut as a result of an advanced herpes infection. I also remember panicking and calling the 24 hour vet’s in Benidorm. The lady calmly reassured me that you were not an emergency case and that I should take you to the local vet the next morning.

I did exactly this and in doing so I came to find out that you were around six weeks old (actually an incorrect guess at the time as you were in fact closer to three months), that you were a baby-girl and that your eye had to be treated immediately for fear of you loosing it.

I was so fortunate to receive the help that I did at the time and as a result, one year later you are quite the little woman now! The Buddhists say that the teacher appears when the student is ready. In retrospect one year ago today I was ready to have a paradigm shift in consciousness. Only I didn’t consciously know this at the time.

Suerte you taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. You taught me that a desire to survive and to strive for better is present in all beings. You taught me patience and an acceptance of what is not easily acceptable: that the inherent boundary line of love is fear. Fear that one day I won’t see you anymore. At this point in time, however, I have a great knowing that we are only just beginning our story together. These are our “once upon a time” moments.

I read recently that until you have loved an animal, that a part of your soul remains unawakened. I believe this now to be true.

I believe that I met you in the most fated of circumstances and in doing so, in seeing you for the first time, tiny, alone and calling out for help  – me wide-eyed in awe at this tiny fluff-ball standing by a large iron gate – that we recognised in each other, at soul level, a desire to bond past our physical and biological differences. In fact I have never felt more strongly than I do now when I say that whilst our separation was momentary, our love will remain infinite.

I am so lucky to have been given this opportunity to expand my conscious awareness further than ever before and to have you ever present in my life, constantly guiding me towards the light. You were named “Lucky” for a reason after all….

Here’s to a paw-tastic future. I love you.



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