L.Mira Speaks

I never thought that a feral cat with the legs of a gazelle would be the reason why I am writing an ‘About Me’ section on an online blogging website.

I never thought that the popular pop-culture adage “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”, would end up becoming my mantra.

I am the writer of this here blog, which looks at topics such as: veganism, spirituality and health (or a lack of it). As well as an interview section there is a also a section that will look at My Bottom Line – my personal journey.

I am passionate about making this world not necessarily a better place – as I am not too dissatisfied with where we are at to be fair – but a better understood one, hopefully. Underneath it all, at my ‘core’, I am continually learning in the hope to better understand why as humans we think like we think and we do what we do.

I was spurred on to produce this eclectic word-menagerie thanks, in part, to the comedian Rich Hall. He commented at a live show that British people are the only nationality on earth who would consider it ‘normal’ to have a key cutting business, combined with a shoe and watch repair service. The audience’s reaction mirrored my own: And?

Carrying on with the comedic theme; I was also told once that I wrote like Bill Hicks spoke. This made me happy because I thought it to be true. Still do.

With that fully written I accept, and in fact appreciate, that humbleness has never been in my nature.

It’s just a blog baby!